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Company introduction

After earning a degree,cycling round of Japan and gaining mentorship from Yamaha Motorbike racing, Mr. Hideyuki Irie founded Axis Inc. Japan in 2009, situated in Tokyo,Japan,that specializes in manufacturing high-quality dry carbon-made exterior and interior automobile-parts and accessories,and we've been involved in the development and manufacture of dry carbon components for serveral well-known Japanese modify auto companies over a decade.
Over the last 14 years,we've created over 900 carbon components for domestic automakers such as Subaru,Toyota,Honda,Mazda,Suzuki,Lexus,and Nissan,which have been prominently displayed on EC sites; Rakuten Japan, Amazon Japan, Yahoo Japan,and our own English-language online store, and we also develop carbon parts for other makes like BMW and Chevrolet-Corvette.
To encounter our customers'high expectations and produce distinctive tailor-made products,we keep concentrating our efforts in our Tokyo headquarters on developing our own design and molds from scratch,merging traditional Japanese handcraft expertise and technology, 3D design,and scanning.

Recruiting ourWholesaler and Sole Distributor
We’re now looking for distributors and an individual representative.in expanding our global markets. If you're considering joining our network of regional distributors,please feel free to contact us for further information at

We'll be glad to response your inquiries.

Locations/ 1F,3-7-6,Hikawadai,Nerima Ku,Tokyo To,179-0084,Japan
Phone/ +81-3-6912-3406
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